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Here we go with Big Fat Lie Number Four:

Now let s be real honest with each other here. How many of you look forward to the company sponsored events half way across the country? I refer to these huge mega meetings as Rah Rah events.

If you are like me and most of my colleagues in network marketing , then you really dislike these events as much as I. Of course I could never share this information with my downline or sideline; hence I discourage him or her from attending. But here s the thing. When you break it down into dollar and cents (and sense)... does it really make sense to spend all this time and money at an event such as this?

You ve heard the saying... Not everyone who goes to the national events makes it to the top, but rest assured all those at the top have never missed a national meeting . Well, who in his or her right mind would want to take that chance if they are serious about building a huge downline and becoming successful in their respective companies? I was afraid to say no to the first 2 that came up when I began in one company.

So what purpose do these rah rah events serve? Are the key speakers really there for our benefit? Are the top earners really giving us the whole story or is it all glitz and glam? And don t forget upper management! My goodness... just to be in their presence is well worth the thousands of dollars we spend on such events.

Speaking of dollars spent. Let s add everything up

1. The event itself , normally 3 days. I ll low ball and say $500

2. Hotel accommodations come to about $400 unless you are lucky enough to share a room with a few others... or should I say UNlucky enough. Maybe this was one area you should have gone all out. It may just be me but although I like to have fun I really like my privacy too.

Ok... back to the money!

3. Plane fare. Ouch! Need I say more? $1K (If you re driving it s just about as bad with current gasoline prices)

4. Meals, drinks, and don t forget about eating during the long layovers at the airport. $250

5. If you re a working mom like me , you had to make arrangements for help while your husband was working because very few of us were able to drag them along too. Even though we do our biz together, it just wasn t feasible. Tack on another $100 for a very cheap sitter or nanny.

6. And who goes to one of these events without doing a little personal shopping for a few new items? Even you guys do it. So let s be conservative and say $100

7. Now the biggie... the real reason for this event... to purchase the new product line. And such great deals are offered that you d be silly not to purchase the entire line with the promo only for those at the event. $750

8. Now let s throw in a few of the new and improved training materials that you would hate to pass up since you are right here right now and can get them at a discount along with no shipping and handling. $50

9. And last but not least, you have to at least buy the book if not the bookDVD set of at least one of the keynote speakers. I mean , come on now. These people traveled half way across the world just for you! And they re doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. $25

Wow! What a deal!

So let s add that up. $3175

But let s not forget something. Our respective network marketing companies are businesses. We want them to be profitable don t we? I mean, we do want them to be around for many decades to come.

It really is downright simple to make a ton of money in this industry. But on the flip side, if a distributor isn t careful and does not understand the numbers , he or she will probably be making quite a few donations to the company. No one, regardless of the level of your success, wants to look back during tax time and start adding up everything he or she spent on the extra s throughout the last year. It can be a real eye opener; a time of soul searching for the rep.

Let me leave you with this. Take that $3175 just for one event during one year. What else could you have used that money for to move your business forward? Was it a waste of money or was the shear motivation of it all worth every penny. It may very well have been so for you. But I can assure you that now that I truly understand real MARKETING , I could have spent that money a hundred better ways. But live and learn.
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