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Wed Jun 21 2017, 05:35pm Print
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Welcome to our new network!

Well, its kinda new. We abandoned the old critenircd, as being based on an old version of UltimateIRCD (which myself and daniel put a lot of work into, with contribution from a couple others), because its code is completely obsolete. Abjects now runs on InspIRCd using Anope services 2.05. We will add any features needed to continue being the network you know, but we also have a lot of modern features now, such as SASL, Anope Cpanel web interface, and more.

We also created some Server Admin Tools for creating password hashes, and generating oper blocks and link blocks for InspIRCd. Currently it will work for any server admin using that InspIRCd, so its public.

We welcome any and all newcomers; channel content is un-moderated and almost completely unrestricted. There are a couple obvious things we wont allow.

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