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Path of Exile: How Should You Do T3 For Cheaper Sustain?
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If you don't have that much currency, so how should you do T3 for cheaper sustain? I tried it both ways and t3 is the way to go if you just want to make money/farm a headhunter. White maps drop like crazy compared to yellow. You will sustain shaped burial chambers but you will only get half of the maps you would if it was tier 3 and there only worth 1c more. Learn new guide and purchase *PoE Currency cheap here.

If you start bricking alot of maps you might be in trouble. T3 will almost always give you a profit of 5-10, i actually had 6 burial chambers drop in a single map a few times now. Which means you still get the profit of selling tier 8 maps, and you have alot more to mess up with vaal orbs.

There is also a few more benefits. Its a tier 3 map so you tear through it, no matter what the mods are (plus you dont get the crappy ones) so you complete them faster. Which is a plus for low life builds like windripper. The rares are worthless which is actually a benefit if you only have your loot filter to pick up tier 1/2 rares. I get about 6-8 of them a map and just dump them in a few tabs.

You need to be in a tier 13+ to get anything good. You also waste a ton of time, identifying everything so there really not even worth picking up. I know alot of people are against the chaos recipe, but your looking at about 1000-1500 maps to farm all the cards. With a doctor being 500c, that means you could buy one every 250 maps.

The only down side of unshaping is you gain almost no exp. But you also have all your tier 8/9 maps still in tact so you can run a chain of higher ones if you want to level up. This also allows you to chase elder around if you want, which can be a pain with all your tier 8/9 maps gone. It also saves you money because you need yellow sextants to uncomplete those maps. In the end your better off to shape those higher tier maps and run then when your bored of burial chambers and help sustain your red map pool/ level up.

Lastly the main issue with shaping is if you want to make any decent profit selling shaped maps you need elder influence for the extra drops which is a pain in the ass to get on burial chambers since its in such a weird spot. The only real way to do it is to form a elder ring.
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